Wednesday, August 31, 2011

May CGOM - Kaya Danielle

PHOTO: Barry Fontenot

Cyber Club - Jessa Hinton - Miss July 2011

Playmate Data Sheet

NAME:  Jessa Hinton 
BIRTHPLACE:  Los Angeles, CA 
BUST:  34"  D 
WAIST:  25 
HIPS:  34 
HEIGHT:  5' 8" 
WEIGHT:  116 lbs 
AMBITIONS:  To be a household name -- a global brand -- with my own TV shows and fashion lines. 
TURN-ONS:  Toned stomachs and firm butts on men and women. Yes, I am bisexual. 
TURNOFFS:  Bad breath and a bad attitude. You can be cocky, boys, but have something to back it up with and brag about! 
BRING IT ON:  Bungee jumping, four-wheeling, sky diving, race car driving, surfing -- anything to do with an adrenaline rush, I'm the first one in. 
SEX APPEAL:  I love curves!!! Nice boobs and voluptuous hips. 
MY DREAM TOY:  A pink 1967 Corvette with white interior and pink lining. 
Photography by Arny Freytag

Jacklyn Swedberg